Traditional Phone Cords Are A Thing Of The Past

Traditional Phone Cords Are A Thing Of The Past

Magnetic charging cables are the newest revolution to charging your phone. The most important accessory to any device is a charger because with a dead battery, the device does not work. Having a quality, durable charger will help you maximize the value of it. With the importance it has to your device (that was probably pretty expensive) you want a charger that will work quickly and last a long time.

Magnetic Charging Cable

Chargers Break

We have all seen those chargers at the gas station for $5. They usually won’t last for more than a few weeks, but we don’t care. They are short term fixes. This fix is usually when our primary charger breaks, or we lose it. Then we turn around and order another charger online. Most of these will usually last months, rather than weeks, but they are still not great.

With a magnetic phone charger, you don’t have to worry about the cord breaking. The magnetic piece helps prevent tension from building at the end of your charger. This tension that usually build at the end is due to yanking, pulling, and twisting the cable to use your phone while it is plugged in. With the magnetic charger, the magnet will detach if too much tension is applied, allowing the cord to straighten back out.

Phones Break

Most people have an issue with breaking screens on their phone. This is common. The second most common repair on phone is the charging port. I have replaced this piece on my past three phones. If you use your phone while it is plugged in, you often put stress on the charging port and the cord as you turn the phone at different angles. This weakens the charger and the charging port. With a magnetic charger, it hold the connection straight. If pulled at a stressful angle, it will detach at the magnet.

Say your friend or dog trips over your charging cable with your phone plugged in. Either the cord rips out of your phone, or the phone gets pulled off the table, counter or wherever it is plugged in at. If it falls, you have a chance of damaging the screen, camera, or other part of the phone. If it rips out, it can cause damage to the charging port, or even break off in your phone. With a magnetic charging cord, the magnet acts as a break-away point, allowing it to safely detach and preserve your phone and charging cable.

Protects Your Charging Port

With the pieces that connect directly to your device, you will not need to remove them often. This help prevent dust, sand, lint, and other debris from getting into your phone. The pieces fit snug into your device, preventing them from falling out. This also prevents them from being pulled out when you pull the magnetic cord from them. If you need your charging port to connect your headphones, or another attachment, then it can be removed.

One Cord For All Devices

One of the best perks of having the magnetic charging cable is that it will work for almost all of your devices. No more rummaging through the junk drawer to find the cord with the right end. The attachments fit lightning (Apple), micro USB, and type C. This means that you can get an attachment piece for your wireless headphones, your phone, your game system controller, and bluetooth speaker, and only need one cord. The magnetic cord will connect with each of these.

Faster Than Wireless Charging

Many people like the ease of wireless charging and not having to mess with cords at all. This is convenient, but you do still have a to deal with the cord for the charging pad and limited reach. The other downside with wireless charging is that most of the charging pads take a long time to charge your phone. You don’t have to worry about damaging the charging port on your device with a wireless charging pad, but you also get the same benefit from using a magnetic charging cord.

Cheap Chargers can Ruin Your Battery Life

The quality of your charging cable makes a huge difference to your device. You do not want this charger to damage the battery of your device. Many of the cheaper chargers do not have charge limits or trickle charge capabilities. This means that once the battery is charged, if it is not unplugged, it will continue to push charge into your device. This will weaken the battery life of your device. You know how older phones do not last very long on a charge? Cheap chargers will cause this to happen to your device much faster.

Use It to Transfer Data

A magnetic charging cable also doubles as a data transfer cable. Connect your smart phone to your laptop or desktop computer and sync data while your phone charges. There are many way to sync data online, through cloud services, but a direct connection is the most secure way to keep your data safe.

Traditional phone chargers are becoming a thing of the past. A magnetic charging cable not only lasts longer, but also protects your device in several different ways. Use the magnetic cable to stick to your bedframe, desk, or even your living room table, it will be within easy reach. Check out Keutek for the magnetic charging cable that I prefer to use.

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