Clamping Car Wireless Charger

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Are you tired of trying to hold your phone while driving and want a safe solution? Is your phone always low on battery and you have to fumble around for a charger? Or maybe your current phone mount blocks the view of the road?

What if there was an all in one phone holder?

Our Automatic Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder will change your driving experience forever. Automatic sensor clamps, fast wireless charging, and 360 degree mobility are just some of the few things our advanced phone holder offers. Safe and reliable.

⚡ Say hello to the car phone holder that will solve all your problems while driving ⚡

    Built-in advanced sensor equipped with infrared sensing tech. Automatic opening and clamping, which can be operated with one hand and makes everything much more convenient.

      You can have one hand convenient operation. Super easy and no hassle. When you place your phone in the holder it securely hugs your device.

      Wireless 10W fast charging - provides faster charging than almost all of the car charger mounts on the market. With a 4th generation integrated coil and comprehensive security control chip - it features temperature control, over-current protection, and short circuit protection.

      Adjustable swivel ball for full 360 degree rotation. We made it rotatable for easy access and safer driving. Now you won't ever have to be distracted by trying to reach in your pocket, hold your phone while driving, or fumbling around to find your phone.

        Double curved design, anti-scratch, and non-slip silicone base padding for a secure and safe grip.
            Even if your car shakes violently such as in a state of sudden braking, bumpy roads, off-road, or emergency acceleration - your phone will stay secure and not fall thanks to the secure clamps on the vent clip that you can tighten as needed. 
          • AIR VENT MOUNT
            It can be attached to almost any size and shape air vent. Compared to windshield mounts, the air vent mount is much easier for you to reach and causes less distraction during driving. No Tools Needed.
              HOW TO USE:
              1. Mount the phone holder on your vehicle's air vent.
              2. Place your phone in front of phone holder and the sensors will detect and open.
              3. Place your phone in the holder and the sensors will trigger the clamps to securely hug your phone.
              4. Adjust the angle to your liking and have a great drive.

              PACKAGE INCLUDES:
              • 1 x Automatic Clamping Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder
              • 1 x USB Cable
              • 1 x User Manual

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