Computer Armrest Wrist Supporter

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Ergonomically designed Computer Armrest Wrist Supporter is a perfect accessory for those spending long periods of time at the PC. Attach this useful device to your chair or desk to give yourself a comfortable armrest while using your mouse. The clamp is simple and easy to attach!

Product Features:
1. Avoid cervical vertebrae ache, mouse hand and nearsightedness by keeping correct posture with this .
2. Perfect for those spending a lot of time at the PC. Freely adjustable and flexible with it's outstanding design now makes you move freely, comfortably and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks.
3. The Office Chair Arm Rest Pad Ergonomic is comfortable to use. Help you to keep correct posture, avoid cervical vertebrae ache and nearsightedness.
4. High quality neoprene mouse mat surface allows for ease of movement.
5. Easily attaches to a computer desk within 6 cm thick.
6. Easy to attach to a chair or desk.


  • Item Name: Computer Armrest Wrist Support
  • Material: Strong ABS Plastic
  • Color: Black or Black Silicon
  • Weight: 350g

Package Included:

  • 1 x Computer Armrest Wrist Support
  • 1 x Attachment Clamp

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