Wireless Mini WiFi Home Security Camera

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WiFi Security Camera Mini 

Be aware of what is happening in your home by installing a WiFi Security Camera Mini CCTV. With 180-degree panoramic camera for a more extensive coverage room area. Very easy to install so you can have a peace of mind that your home is safe while you are away.

IR Night Vision

You can install this WiFi Security Camera both for inside and outside your home. With its night vision camera function, you will still be able to see the recordings even at night or with the lights off. The camera is equipped with 8 LEDs which support night vision for up to 10 meters away. As soon as the camera senses darkness or night time, it will automatically switch to the night vision mode.

Two-Way Audio

This camera has a built-in speaker and mic so both lines can talk and listen to each other. From remote monitoring of the CCTV cameras from your phone, you can listen to the surrounding which the camera is recording. Or if you want, you can also talk and converse from each end of devices. With a high-quality sound so you can hear voices and sounds loud and clear.

180-degree Fish Eye Lens

You will not have to install too many cameras around your home. This WiFi Security Camera Mini CCTV has a 180-degree wide angle fish eye lens which covers a broader area of a room. You can get a better and more general view of the field with just one installed camera.

High Definition Camera, Motion Detection
The camera has a 1 – 25fps adjustable frame rate and an HD resolution feature. You will be able to see the image being previewed and even easily identify small objects and people in front of the camera. The WiFi Security Camera previews directly and in live action what is the actual situation. It also detects motion and sends notification in your email or phone.

Support up to 64 GB Micro SD card
You can use this camera with or without an SD card. If you want your own recorded copy of the video and photos captured, installing a memory card will save it automatically for you. Recommended and helpful in case there is an emergency happened, and you want to review back the recorded file.

Remote Monitoring
View and monitor the current situation being recorded and previewed by the camera through your phone or computer. By downloading the application “YOU SEE”, you will be able to connect the camera and have access for instant monitoring anytime and anywhere you are.

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